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Andrea Villagrán


Andrea Villagrán has served as a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Guatemala since 2017. The youngest congresswoman in Guatemala, she is currently in her second term, having been reelected in 2020. Andrea is a member of the Commissions for Women, Foreign Relations, Electoral Reforms, small and medium-sized enterprises, and Vice-President of the Youth Commission. She has stood for a legislative agenda in favor of the fight against corruption and the strengthening of democracy. She has held an active role in favor of the rights of women and youth, and was nominated for the One Young World Politician of the Year Award 2022. She holds a degree in Political Science from the Rafael Landivar University of Guatemala, and earned a specialization in Decentralized Cooperation from the Observatory of Decentralized Cooperation of the European Union and Latin America. She is now completing her Master's degree in Public Administration. In 2013, she was elected President of the Faculty of Political Sciences.