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Daniel N’guessan

Cote d'Ivoire

Daniel N'guessan is a driven young professional and an international development consultant with a background in economic policy design and development. His personal experiences at a young age, including displacement due to a political crisis, instilled in him a deep commitment to effective policymaking and its impact on people's lives. This led him to pursue a career focused on supporting policymakers in designing and implementing policies that drive positive change. Daniel's professional experience spans across the public and private sectors. He works as an International Development Consultant, collaborating with governments, NGOs, and institutions to develop strategies for policy efficacy. He has also worked as a Macroeconomic Analyst, advising governments and international institutions on national development policies. Daniel is also a social entrepreneur, co-founder of a social enterprise that empowers small traders in underserved communities by facilitating their access to global markets. Currently, Daniel’s focus is on the interrelation of democracy and human rights as fundamental pillars to creating conducive environments for sustainable development and prosperity in underdeveloped countries.