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Dulamkhorloo Baatar


Dulamkhorloo Baatar is a dedicated journalist. While in college, she started her career at Bloomberg's Mongolia franchise. There, she held all newsroom positions including a translator, reporter, anchor, and senior producer while also bearing responsibility for the international desk, which translated into her supplying Mongolia's stories to Bloomberg's network. At 25, she became the Editor-in-Chief of Mongolia's third-largest daily newspaper, The Official Gazette, becoming the youngest person to hold the position. Dulamkhorloo holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and completed an MBA at the Mongolian University of Finance and Economics.

She is a firm believer in the importance of high-quality information on human lives and livelihoods, and this belief led her to co-found the Nest Center for Journalism Innovation and Development. This NGO works to support Mongolian media startups and freelancers to become financially independent, while also running the Mongolian Fact-checking Center which is the first IFCN signatory fact-checking initiative in Mongolia aimed at combating misinformation. As a young woman in the media, she is vocal about and advocates for gender equity among other human rights issues, where she has translated and published multiple publications in Mongolian.

In all she does, she hopes to act as the connection between global knowledge and the region's domestic ecosystem.