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Gor Badalyan


Gor Badalyan is from Armenia, from the place where Noah rested with his ark after the apocalypse. By profession, Gor is an expert in management. He graduated from Yerevan State University with a bachelor's degree in economics theory, a master's degree in public administration and a post-graduate degree in innovative management specialization. Since 2018, he has found himself in the Civil society sphere, founding and joining non-governmental organizations. Based on his professional orientation, Gor co-founded the community development NGO 'To the Community', whose goal was to develop diversification in rural communities, contributing to sustainable development. In 2020, he founded 'The Breath of Liberty' NGO, whose goal was to bring Armenia closer to the EU, firstly by helping to involve the youth in the existing programs of the EU and to give the opportunity to young people to raise their voices, and secondly to promote and highlight Armenia and EU visa liberalization issues Since 2022, he is the founder and executive director of the 'Ayn Rand Center Armenia' scientific and educational organization, which introduces young people to the philosopher Ayn Rand and the philosophy of Objectivism on an informal platform.