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Huma Nasir


Huma Nasir is a Lawyer, Researcher, Gender Justice Advocate, and a Kofi Annan Changemaker 2024. Her work and research interests center on Human Rights, Climate Justice, Indigenous Rights, and peacebuilding. With a strong passion for access to legal justice for all, she is dedicated to identifying gaps at the intersection of conflict resolution, gender, and indigenous identities through the lens of international law. Previously, Huma served as a Youth Advisory Board member at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), where she significantly contributed to developing the Youth Rights Advocacy toolkit. This toolkit empowers youth from diverse backgrounds to advocate for their rights, particularly those in vulnerable or marginalized situations. Her role at OHCHR involved extensive interdisciplinary research and policy analysis on international human rights mechanisms. As a former fellow at the East-West Center in Hawaii, Huma honed her interdisciplinary research skills, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, as a mentor in the Young Leaders Fellowship program with MCW Global in New York, she continues to inspire and guide young leaders in developing community projects and becoming effective leaders. Passionate about fostering a gender-inclusive peace process, Huma is dedicated to advancing feminist principles in international peace and security efforts.