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Karambu Ringera

Dr. Karambu Ringera


Dr. Karambu Ringera is the founder and president of International Peace Initiatives, an NGO that aims to create models of sustainable development and peace in Kenya. She also works to empower vulnerable community members by educating them on how to improve their situation. Dr. Ringera is passionate about reforming corrupt policies and practices in government. She seeks to build an advocacy agency for citizens and develop a leadership-training program that will educate and train current and future leaders of Kenya.

Dr. Ringera was one of the three recipients of the 2017 McCain Institute Catalyst Grant, which she used to create the New Generation Leadership Program, a  leadership training program that encourages Kenyan citizens to stay committed to their values by living them every day and teaches them leadership skills that empower them to revamp their communities. The grant enabled her to market her leadership program and host three different events, directly impacting 194 participants and indirectly impacting 600 people through the spreading of the program’s leadership message. In the future, Dr. Ringera hopes to expand the New Generation Leadership Program into five different Kenyan counties and two more African countries.

Placement Organization: The Office of Kansas City Mayor Sly James

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