Mira Koroma Dumbaya
Mira Koroma Dumbaya

Sierra Leone

Mira Koroma Dumbaya is the National Head of the Family Support Police Unit in Sierra Leone. She is an international development expert providing support for international crises such as the Ebola outbreak throughout Sierra Leone in 2014-2015 and after the Haitian earthquake in 2013. She has been recognized for her police work and efforts in international peace building by the United Nations, UN Women, International Law Enforcement Academies, and Sierra Leone. Superintendent Dumbaya organized the Family Support Unit’s ‘Operation Dawn’ Outreach program geared towards addressing child labor, child trafficking, child prostitution, sexual exploitation and teenage pregnancy. She seeks to leverage policy and education to combat corruption in the Sierra Leone police force and local government.

Dumbaya was one of the four recipients of the 2018 McCain Institute Catalyst Grant for her work in founding the Next Generation Reformers-Sierra Leone, a nonprofit organization focused on training, mentoring and empowering youth to combat corruption in SierraLeone. Dumbaya used the grant towards constructing a Recreational and Empowerment Center for the youth of Sierra Leone.

Placement Organization: The Office of Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the Denver Police Department

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