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Mohanad Adnan


Mohanad Adnan is a political analyst and communications strategist with a wealth of experience working with aspiring politicians, civic activists, and elected officials. His experience as a government liaison, political expert, and strategic advisor is drawn from more than ten years engaging with senior government leaders, diplomatic advisors, development agencies, and security professionals. With Roya Development Group (RDG), which he founded in 2021, Mohanad looks at Iraq's political, economic, and security landscape, and seeks to inform readers about the dynamics and developments within the country. Mohanad previously implemented political development and civic advocacy programs with the International Republican Institute (IRI), where he oversaw a portfolio of more than $5M in funding from the State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy. Prior to IRI, he held a range of senior government relations positions with Torres Enterprise, Reed, and Pilgrims Group. Mohanad grew up in Baghdad, Iraq, and holds a diploma in political campaign management from The Campaign School at Yale University, an Accredited Program Manager certification from the International Organization for Project Management, and a Bachelor’s degree from Al-Turath University.