Peter Klotz
Dr. Peter Klotz


Dr. Peter Klotz is a lawyer and anti-corruption expert involved in the planning and implementation of governmental anti-corruption policies in Hungary. He is committed to reducing corruption in both public and private sectors and advocating for the adoption of anti-corruption strategies. Dr. Klotz seeks to create a network of integrity builders in Hungary consisting of public officials and representatives of business and non-governmental organizations to develop and implement integrity projects.

Dr. Klotz was one of the four recipients of the 2018 McCain Institute Catalyst Grant, which he received due to his impactful work in leading the Integrity Network Association (INA). Dr. Klotz used his Catalyst Grant to both bolster an online and on-the-ground presence of the INA through organizing and supporting events and through developing a web page in both Hungarian and Emccain-nglish.

Placement Organization: Management Systems International

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