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Samah Mansur


Samah Mansur has worked for women’s empowerment for more than ten years. She holds a master’s degree in sustainable international development from Brandeis University. Currently, Samah is working as a program director of gender and peacebuilding at Communication Techniques for Development-ACT. Samah is a founding member of the Arab Network for Monitoring the Image of Men and Women in Media. She has also assisted in the founding of the Aswatna (“our voices”) coalition, which focuses on further involving women in Egyptian society. She also assisted in the creation of the Shoft Taharosh (“I saw harassment”) initiative to combat harassment against women in Egypt. She was a speaker at the International Forum for Democracy on the role of media in combating stereotypes of men and women. Samah was awarded a prize by the UN Women for the best research into fighting harmful practices in Egyptian society.