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Urmo Kübar

Urmo Kübar


Urmo Kübar is an experienced civil society leader from Estonia. He is dedicated to promoting more civic activism and public participation, and building a supportive environment for civil society organizations in his country. Kübar’s goal is to establish a venture philanthropy foundation in Estonia to support non-profit organizations that make a difference in people’s lives. He spent his year at the Smithsonian Institute gaining new insights into philanthropic culture and gathering experience in the management and governance of a major philanthropically supported institution.

Kübar was one of the three recipients of the 2017 McCain Institute Catalyst Grant, which he used to create better online tools to foster Estonian philanthropy. Using the grant, Kübar interviewed leading practitioners of philanthropy such as Peter Singer, David Rubenstein, and representatives from organizations such as the Smithsonian and #GivingTuesday. He has also worked to create visualizations of philanthropic data in Estonia to give potential philanthropists a better range of effective donor organizations and to create better policy outcomes surrounding private donations.

Placement Organization: The Smithsonian Institution

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