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Vandalark Patricks


Vandalark R. Patricks is an award-winning Human Rights Defender, anti-corruption fighter, and sustainable development practitioner from Liberia. He has been involved in anti-corruption, and social justice activism, policy advocacy, grooming young people into productive leaders, and mobilizing grassroots institutions to lead change in Liberia for the past fifteen years. As a Human Rights Defender and public policy strategist, Vandalark has been instrumental in pressuring the government to reform laws that work against people with low incomes and undermine the tenets of democratic values and the rule of law in the country. He has moderated and served as a panelist at global media platforms and policyrelated institutions, including one of the leading Think Tank institutions in the U.S., the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Vandalark is the Founder and Executive Director of Campaigners for Change International, a nonprofit he founded in Liberia in 2004. Campaigners for Change International is a human rights and youth development organization that protects the rights of the most marginalized people in society and advocates against corruption, and calls for the prosecution of perpetrators of human rights abuses. As Executive Director of the organization, Vandalark leads and coordinates programs that provide economic freedom for vulnerable young girls and boys through micro-financing to do business, fights against corruption and social injustices, and demands reforms in policies that work against people experiencing poverty and minority class. For over fifteen years, he has worked on African policy issues involving human rights, anticorruption, leadership, governance, and politics.