invent 2 prevent

Program Overview

Invent2Prevent is an innovative, experiential learning program that challenges high school and college students to create and implement their own dynamic products, tools, or initiatives to address acts of targeted violence, hate or terrorism in their specific communities. Teams compete at the high school and collegiate levels for awards of $5,000 for first place; $3,000 for second place; and $1,000 for third place. Top place collegiate-level finishers also have the option to enter into a one-year sustainment program.

Since Invent2Prevent’s inception in Spring 2021, more than 700 students have participated across 35 total U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia. I2P programs have taken place at 27 high schools and 77 colleges and universities, including three HBCUs and 11 universities serving majority Black and Brown populations.

Learn more about the latest winning teams here.

The 22 universities fielding teams for the fall 2022 semester are:

Alabama A&M University ● Duke University ● Georgia State University ● Hawai’i Pacific University ● Howard University ● Iowa State University ● Middlebury Institute of International Studies ● New Jersey City University ● Nichols College ● San Jose State University ● Texas Southern University ● Texas Tech University ● University of Arizona ● University of Central Oklahoma ● University of Colorado, Boulder ● University of Houston ● University of Nebraska, Lincoln ● University of North Dakota ● University of Rhode Island ● University of South Carolina ● Xavier University of Louisiana ● Yale University ●

The 33 high schools fielding teams for the fall 2022 semester are:

Bob Jones High School ● Desert Vista High School ● Arkansas Lighthouse Charter School ●  Loyola High School ● Novato High School ●  Tide Academy ● Cañon City High School ● American Heritage High School ● Cyprus Bay High School ● Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ● Miami County Day School ● North Broward High School ● Olympic Heights High School ● Pompano Beach High School ● Sumner High School ● Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council ●  Newburyport High School ●  Xaverian Brothers High School ● Clinton High School ● Mater Academy ● Burlington Township High School ● Sandia High School ● V. Sue Cleveland High School ● NYC Lab School ● Marysville High School ● Medina County Career Center ● Penta Career Center ● Lincoln High School ● Mt. Pleasant High School ● Collierville High School ● Leander High School ● Cadott High School ● Prescott High School ●

0 %
Of students believe they have a role to play in preventing hate-based violence or school shootings
0 %
Of students fear hate-based violence or school shootings
0 %
Of students see or hear expression of hate against minority groups at least once a week

**Students surveyed participated in the McCain Institute Peer to Peer: Protection Project

Why this Program?

While foreign terrorist organizations still have the intent to attack the United States, domestic terrorists represent a growing threat we face today. Domestic terrorists include racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, anti-government and anti-authority violent extremism, and other violent extremist ideologies. The situation surrounding COVID-19 also has created an environment that may accelerate some individuals to engage in acts of targeted violence or terrorism.

As the nature of the threat of targeted violence and terrorism is dynamic and continues to evolve, it is important to take a whole-of-society approach to identify and prevent terrorism and targeted violence anywhere and in any form, and youth play a vital role in these efforts.

Program Objectives

Student teams participating in Invent2Prevent are asked to design, implement, and measure the success of a unique social or digital product, tool, or initiative that:

  • MOTIVATES or EMPOWERS a defined target audience to become involved in preventing targeted violence and terrorism.
  • LEVERAGES social media or digital platforms to drive rich engagement with a target audience and catalyzes a network to get involved in preventing targeted violence and terrorism.
  • PROPOSES a product, tool, or initiative with a strong call-to-action to prevent targeted violence and terrorism.
  • OPTIMIZES the sustainability and scalability of the project to continue its progression and evolution beyond the program term.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships recognizes the value of the I2P program and has provided full program funding to the McCain Institute, EdVenture Partners, and Credence Management Solutions to support teams in the program development process.

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