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5th Annual Tbilisi International Conference
The McCain Institute and the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) on Sep. 9-10 for the fifth year will jointly host their international conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. The two-day conference, centered on solutions and action, is themed “Now What?”.

“As 2019 unfolds and 2020 approaches there is simply so much in the balance,” said Ambassador Kurt Volker, executive director of the McCain Institute. “This conference convenes the key thought leaders and decision makers in a way that breaks through the swirl of issues and competing agendas in the style and ethos of Senator John McCain,” he added.

The Tbilisi International Conference builds on its reputation as a must attend event for leaders across Georgia, the United States and Europe. Each September the conference brings together top international leaders, security experts, Georgian policymakers, civil society activists, and the business community – with a view toward keeping Georgia high on the transatlantic agenda, and keeping the region front of mind for democratic progress and economic opportunity.

“The Tbilisi International Conference gathers allies and informs possibilities,” said Nino Evgenidze, executive director of the Economic Policy Research Center, and main organizer of the conference. “Conversations held and relationships built at the conference translate into momentum and resolve, needed now more than ever,” she added.

The conference will feature sessions on the future of Georgian democracy, NATO/EU, the Baltics, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, state capture, Brexit, and U.S. foreign policy..

See Full Agenda [coming soon]

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Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia
Sep 9, 2019