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Drone Killing: Is it Helping or Hurting?

Event Summary

This next installment of the McCain Institute Debate and Decision Series will address the growing debate over America’s lethal use of remotely piloted vehicles to deliver strikes against al Qaeda and other targets, from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen and beyond. Normally held in Washington, DC, this will be the first debate held in Phoenix, AZ at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU.

The use of lethal drone strikes, initiated under the Bush administration, has grown substantially under the Obama Administration to become an integral component in America’s anti-terrorism campaign. Proponents highlight the low number of civilian casualties, the small cost of blood and treasure for the United States, and the powerful psychological impact on militant networks. Critics, however, worry that the United States is relying too much on drones, setting a dangerous precedent that powers may follow. The lack of transparency in Congressional oversight and the targeting of American citizens have led many to call for a reduced program. What kind of problems stem from this heavy reliance on drone strikes? Are drones an effective tool for combating terror networks, or are they creating a new generation of anti-American terrorism? Experienced experts will debate these questions and more.”

Reception at 5:00

The debate begins at 5:45

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555 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ
Feb 20, 2014