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McCain Institute Announces 2024 McCain Global Leaders Cohort

Representing 21 countries and selected from a pool of over 2000 applications, the 22 leaders will embark on a twelve-month journey to develop skills and experiences that will help tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 18, 2024) – The McCain Institute at Arizona State University is proud to announce the 2024 McCain Global Leaders (MGLs) cohort, comprised of 22 leaders from 21 countries and six continents. These highly accomplished mid to senior career professionals will participate in a twelve-month fellowship designed to empower the next generation of character-driven leaders like Senator McCain.

This year’s theme of defending democracy unites leaders across different industries such as public policy, technology, journalism, counterterrorism, and social justice.

The entities represented by the 2024 McCain Global Leaders cohort include the Anti-Defamation League, Schmidt Futures, Venezuelan opposition, Belarussian opposition, the Kosovo Security Force, and the Zimbabwean Parliament among many others.

See the entire list of 2024 McCain Global Leaders below.

  • Ismail Akwei, Ghana – Executive Director, Media Literacy Development Foundation
  • Sameera Al-Hussein, Jordan – Grants Funds and Partnerships Manager, Chemonics United Kingdom
  • Gor Badalyan, Armenia – Founder and Chairman, The Breath of Liberty NGO
  • Jeshua Bardoo, St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Executive Officer, Equal Rights, Access, and Opportunities SVG Inc
  • Jeta Berisha, Kosovo – First Lieutenant, Kosovo Security Force
  • Alina Burkholder, Germany – Program Director, Atlantik-Brücke e.V.
  • Remaya Campbell, United States – Commissioner, DC Homeland Security Commission
  • Hager Eissa, Sudan – Founder and Director, It’s All About You Queens
  • Bilguun Erdenebat, Mongolia – International Social Development Consultant, Asian Development Bank
  • Natalia Fareti, New Zealand – Policy Director, Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
  • Juan Pio Hernandez, Venezuela – Executive Director, Plan Pais
  • Johannes Lang, Austria – John F. Kennedy Scholar
  • Alex Lew, Singapore – Survey Executive, Ministry of Manpower
  • Daria Minsky, Belarus – International media and technology leader
  • Huma Nasir, India – Human Rights Lawyer, Researcher, and Gender Justice Advocate
  • Alyona Nevmerzhytska, Ukraine – CEO,
  • Takudzwa Ngadziore, Zimbabwe – Member of Parliament – Zimbabwe
  • Thokozile Nhlumayo, South Africa – Secretary General, International Youth Parliament
  • Daniel N’guessan, Cote D ‘Ivoire – International Development Consultant, IDinsight
  • Deodat Persaud, Guyana – Assistant Registration Officer, Guyana Elections Commission
  • Abdul Rahman Rahmani, Afghanistan – Counterterrorism and National Security Expert
  • Tom Seaman, United States – Legislative Director, With Honor Action

“As we enter our third year of the McCain Global Leaders, we are honored to welcome these 22 leaders from 21 countries and are proud that thousands of applicants from over 150 countries applied to carry on Senator McCain’s legacy of advancing democracy and defending human rights,” said Scott Nemeth, assistant director for leadership programs at the McCain Institute. “This program is living proof that Senator McCain’s dedication to character-driven leadership and working ‘in the arena,’ lives on through these changemakers who stand on the frontlines in the defense of democracy.”

“It is a privilege to serve on the McCain Global Leaders Advisory Council and welcome each new class of character-driven leaders,” said Elisa Massimino, Global Advisory Council member “We are incredibly fortunate to have so many individuals committed to make positive change in the world. They embody the legacy of Sen. McCain and carry forward his dedication to democracy, freedom, and human rights.”

“It is incredible to see so many leaders from around the world are dedicated to furthering democracy in their home countries, much like my father was. He would be so impressed to see this group ready to make meaningful change,” said James McCain, a McCain Global Leaders Advisory Council member. “I’m excited to see all the things they will accomplish not only during the program, but also as they continue to impact generations to come.”

“The McCain Global Leaders program has allowed me to hone my leadership skills, connect with inspiring individuals, and promote democracy globally,” said Shomy Chowdhury, 2023 McCain Global Leader cohort member and Co-founder of the global non-profit Awareness 360. “Congratulations to this new cohort for becoming the newest character-driven leaders in this ever-growing global network!”

Learn more about the McCain Institute’s McCain Global Leaders program here.


Publish Date
June 18, 2024