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McCain Institute Democracy and Global Leadership Experts Call for Kenya to Uphold Democratic Principles

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 27, 2024) – McCain Institute experts in democracy and global leadership today issued statements regarding the recent outbreak of violence in the Republic of Kenya. In recent days, Kenyan citizens have taken to the streets to protest proposed legislation related to tax increases and have met violent anti-democratic crackdowns and arrests by the Kenyan police and military.

“Kenya is an economic power on the continent of Africa and serves as a stabilizing force in the region,” said McCain Institute Director of Democracy Programs Paul Fagan. “Recent actions by the government, including the deployment of lethal means to quell protests, fall short of democratic norms and principles, and more appropriate responses are needed to engage with protesters responsibly.”

“Young people have rightly exercised their right within a democratic system of government to peacefully protest policy they disagree with,” said McCain Institute Assistant Director of Global Leadership Scott Nemeth. “Leadership in a democracy requires an ability to listen to dissent and create space to productively incorporate the feedback of citizens into policy. The government must work immediately to peacefully restore trust in Kenya’s democracy.”

“We call on all parties to exercise caution, respect the right to protest, follow the rule of law to resolve the matter peacefully, and uphold the country’s commitment to democratic principles,” Fagan and Nemeth added.

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Publish Date
June 27, 2024