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McCain Institute Statement on Afghanistan

September 3, 2021 The McCain Institute remains deeply concerned regarding the status of those in Afghanistan who have long supported our men and women in uniform and American humanitarian and human rights actions. Following the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, many who have partnered with the U.S. government and civil society are left at grave risk in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. America must not cede the human rights gains made by the Afghan people over the last two decades, particularly for Afghan women and girls. Those hard-fought rights are uniquely in peril due to the Taliban’s cruel worldview towards girls in school, women in the workplace and in almost every facet of life. These women must not be abandoned and we must aggressively embrace the imperative to help those seeking a better life and human dignity. Assisting those fleeing Taliban tyranny should be an America priority. Our nation’s success or failure in this endeavor will leave a lasting mark on the United States for generations to come. The McCain Institute continues to stand with the people of Afghanistan. “We are a country with a conscience. We have long believed moral concerns must be an essential part of our foreign policy, not a departure from it.”– Senator John McCain, May 8, 2017
Publish Date
September 3, 2021