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McCain Institute’s Paul Fagan Talks Ukraine with FOX 10 Phoenix

WASHINGTON, D.C. –McCain Institute Senior Director for Human Rights and Democracy Programs Paul Fagan spoke with KSAZ FOX 10 in Phoenix about Russia’s war against Ukraine and Senator McCain’s legacy of fighting for democracy and the freedom of the Ukrainian people.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

Russia-Ukraine War: Foreign affairs experts in Arizona weigh in on what might happen next
By: Bailey Miller and Irene Snyder, KSAZ
March 10, 2022

PHOENIX – With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, experts in foreign affairs are weighing in on the war, as well as what might happen in the coming days and weeks.

McCain Institute official: U.S. imposing severe sanctions

Fagan said for years, Senator John McCain supported the freedom of the Ukrainian people, which now is under threat as the Russians continue to invade the country.

“For years, he went to the front lines of Ukraine,” said Fagan. “2014, 2015, visiting troops their front lines showing what was going on, so he was certainly one of the lead statesmen around the world, showing what the Ukrainian people were doing.”

Fagan explains that the sanctions the U.S. has placed on Russia are some of the most severe sanctions he has seen in our nation’s history.

“They’re going after banks. They’re going after Putin. They’re going after every aspect of the Russian economy, which will really devastate Putin and this war against Ukraine,” said Fagan.

Fagan adds, however, that sanctions alone will not end the war. He believes it will take help from the Russian people, who, at the moment, are cut off from the western world.

“Whether it is by flying, credit cards – Facebook has been shut down, Twitter – so much of what is going to happen will depend on how the Russians act internally,” said Fagan.

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Publish Date
March 11, 2022