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McCain Institute Hosts Event on Political Polarization with David Axelrod in California

U.S. must put country over party, shed “red vs. blue” mentality, panelists agree

Click HERE to watch a recording of the event

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (June 6, 2024) – The McCain Institute at Arizona State University (ASU) hosted an event at ASU’s California Center in Los Angeles on May 31, 2024, with McCain Institute Executive Director Dr. Evelyn Farkas and political strategist David Axelrod who is former advisor to President Barack Obama, professor of practice at ASU, and a member of the McCain Institute’s Global Leaders Advisory Council.

The event, “Is Polarization Creating a ‘Dispensable’ Nation?,” examined persisting political polarization, weakened faith in democratic institutions, whether America’s role as the “indispensable nation” is under threat, and what remedies can reposition America as a trusted partner around the world.

“When I ran for Congress in 2020 in New York, I could see Americans using Kremlin talking points. Fast forward to today and that’s become normal,” said Dr. Farkas.“There are still Americans who don’t believe that Russia is actually trying to influence our politicians and trying to influence how they vote.”

“Liberal democracy is under assault today, and the forces of autocracy are on the march,” said Axelrod. “What we’re being reminded of is that democracy was never meant to be a gift; it’s a project, it was speculative from the start, and it requires the engagement of citizens to preserve it, to strengthen it, and we’re being tested.”

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Publish Date
June 6, 2024