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Yvonne Wingett Sanchez

Democracy Reporter, The Washington Post

Yvonne is an Arizona-based voting issues reporter for The Post, focusing on how state and local officials navigate pressures on the administration of elections, while tracking legislative and legal battles over voting rules and access to the polls. Yvonne has also helped to lead coverage on abortion, reporting on Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban, and she highlights the role that Arizona politics are playing in the overall 2024 presidential election. She previously covered politics for the Arizona Republic.

Thoughtful Leaders. Decision Makers. Activists and Experts.

The Sedona Forum is the McCain Institute’s annual, high-level gathering of national and international leaders held each spring in the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona. Starting from the assumption of character-driven leadership and core democratic values, The Sedona Forum convenes thought-leaders, decision makers, activists and diverse experts to discuss approaches and solutions to real-world problems.