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Eling_2023 Cohort member

Joselyn Eling

Counterterrorism Investigations and Intelligence Operations, Australian Federal Police

Joselyn joined the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in 2013 and specializes in counter terrorism investigations and intelligence
operations. Joselyn spent several years supporting counter terrorism operations, targeting global security threats such as
foreign terrorist fighters involved in and supporting the Syria-Iraq conflict. More recently, Joselyn has worked as an intelligence
analyst, specializing in domestic terrorism, high risk terrorist offenders (management of offenders post-custodial sentences), and management of the enduring risk posed by radicalised individuals. In her current role, Joselyn leads teams of intelligence professionals in supporting counter terrorism investigations, and other special investigations relating to national security, to achieve law enforcement objectives. Joselyn is committed to ongoing education and development, and holds degrees in criminology and criminal justice, police intelligence, and cyber investigations.