Human Rights and Democracy

Fighting for human rights is a passion for everyone associated with the McCain Institute. It not only spurs us to advance dignity, democracy and freedom throughout the world, it reminds us all how working in the arena on these issues can change the fate of millions of people. With international headlines highlighting increased threats to freedom from power-hungry tyrants, this program is more important than ever.

As Senator John McCain consistently worked to fight injustice and further the ideals of justice for the oppressed, the Institute’s programs related to this issue work to:

  1. Direct assistance to human rights activists who had to flee their countries, in order to help them transition to their new environments while remaining focused on promoting human rights in their home countries.
  2. Understand what Americans believe about human rights and commence a campaign to educate the importance of standing up for human rights.
  3. Elevate the importance of these issues in U.S. foreign policy and promote the integration of human rights policies into broader national security strategies.

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Last month, the McCain Institute’s Combatting Human Trafficking Program hosted various agencies and national nonprofit representatives for a first-of-its-kind discussion on preventative strategies to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation

STARTING NOW: McCain Institute counterterrorism expert Nick Rasmussen and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, Christy Abizaid talk about how their careers began. Watch the event live here:

At 6pm: Tune in to see McCain Institute counterterrorism expert Nick Rasmussen and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Christy Abizaid discuss how they got their start in the national security field. Watch the event live here:

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